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Butler Bulldogs Midnight Bulldog Head Pickleball Paddle

Butler Bulldogs Midnight Bulldog Head Pickleball Paddle

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  • Sweat Proof

    Built to last
  • Silicone Band

    Hold the grip in place
  • Highly Condensed Foam

    Used in the tennis and golf industry


Introducing the Midnight Blue Pickleball Paddle with a Bulldog Head print, a product of the exciting collaboration between Rally Republic and Butler University. This paddle is a must-have for any avid pickleball player looking for a high-quality, stylish, and durable paddle that is designed to deliver unmatched performance on the court.

The Midnight Blue Pickleball Paddle with a Bulldog Head print is a limited edition product that is designed to reflect the spirit and energy of Butler University. It is perfect for players who want to show off their school spirit while dominating the competition on the pickleball court.

Key Features:

• Midnight Blue Color: The paddle is designed in a sleek and stylish midnight blue color that gives it a premium and sophisticated look.

• Bulldog Head Print: The paddle features a bold and eye-catching Bulldog Head print that adds a touch of school spirit and uniqueness to your game.

• Premium Quality: The paddle is made using the highest quality materials to ensure superior performance and durability.

• Lightweight and Easy to Handle: The paddle is designed to be lightweight and easy to handle, making it perfect for players of all skill levels.

• Perfect Balance: The paddle is perfectly balanced to provide maximum power and control, allowing you to hit powerful shots with ease.

Take your pickleball game to the next level with the Midnight Blue Pickleball Paddle with a Bulldog Head print, the perfect combination of style, performance, and durability. Order yours today and dominate the court in style!


  • This USA Pickleball Association approved paddle is ideal for players of all abilities.
  • Tight honeycomb carbon fiber core helps make this paddle light weight, while also providing a solid hitting surface.
  • At just 8.0 ounces, you can play longer with less fatigue.
  • The large paddle face has a width of 7.8 inches (including edgeguard) and its conventional shape allows for a bigger 'sweet spot' for a competitive advantage.
  • From top of the paddle to bottom of the end-cap, it measures ~15.75".
  • 4.25 grip circumference.
  • Premium, hand-wrapped leather grip over an EVA foam contoured cushion provides extreme comfort and control.
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